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Washing Machine


Are there any helpful tips for machine washing clothes?

a.     When washing delicate clothing, put them in washing net.

b.     Please remove soil or dirt from laundry before washing.

c.     Turn woven or knitted items inside out before washing to prevent fabrics from running off.

d.     Secure strings and pull zips up before putting laundry into the washing machine.

e.     Put bulky or floating laundry in basket first.

f.       Before putting the clothes in the washing tub, please clean the heavily stained part such as collars and cuffs using stain remover or spot cleaner.

What is the difference between a front loading and a top loading washing machine?

Top loading washing machine: Will fill the drum with water, using the pulsator and tub to twist and turn in opposite directions to create the current to move the clothes to create washing friction.

Front loading washing machine: With the drum spinning and the adjustment of the spinning of the washing tub, the clothes move up and down resulting in washing and beating.

How do I drain the water smoothly?
Please ensure drain hose is released and lay down on floor so that water can flow out smoothly.  Please do not use too much detergent as many bubbles will be created and slow down draining process.
How do I select the correct washing program?

1.     Fuzzy – usually normal household clothing or outside clothing

2.     Speedy – lightly stained clothes as washing time shortens.

3.     Strong – heavily stained clothes such as socks, sportswear or worker uniforms

4.     Manual – you may set your own water level and wash cycle

5.     Soft –  towel or such types of materials.

6.     Blanket – Big items such as blankets, bed sheets, comforters and etc. 

7.     Delicate – clothes with lace, bras, underwears, silk or  any clothes of delicate material  

*Do ensure to choose the right program to maintain and protect your clothing and washing machine

How do I dry the clothes efficiently using the dry function of front load washing machine?

a.     If the washing load is more than half, do not use the wash / dry for a one time process. Kindly use the wash and then remove those materials which do not require drying. After which you will just dry the remaining clothes.

b.    After spin dry, you may spread the clothes out before using drying process.

c.    Do not place either jeans or heavy clothing together with light and thin clothing for drying as it would result in creases.
Carpets, mats and other large clothing when drying will usually be uneven; after the first drying, do dry it again for another 30-60 minutes.

How often do I need to clean the lint filter for my washing machine?
Do clean the lint filter after every wash as the washing machines collect lint during the wash cycle and if it is not removed and gets accumulated, the lint may stick on the laundry during washing or block the drain pipe when draining.


Why does the water flow into the washing machine very slowly?

This might be due to blockage in the water inlet valve or low water pressure from the tap.

If there’s no blockage and water pressure is normal, please call our service hotline.

Why does water leak on the floor?

Kindly check if the drain hose is installed properly and if any holes on it. Please check the conditions of the water supply hose and the one touch joint that links the tap to the water supply hose. It could either happen due to wear and tear or that it has loosened over long time use.

What should I do if the washing machine is locked and cannot open the lid?

When the power was cut off during operation, it will result the washing machine to be locked. Kindly restart the machine; wait for a while and then the lock would be released automatically when you hear a “click” sound. Kindly contact the service center if the lock is still not released.

Why are there some dark spots /stains on my clothes after washing?
Over long time of use, the washing tub surface could have dirt sticked to it. This dirt is not easy to be cleaned by brushing, if left unattended, slime and grime would appear and will eventually stick to the clothing. You may run the tub cleaning process by applying the washing machine tub cleaning powder that can be easily purchasable from the market.
How do I get rid of the bad odor in the washing machine?

a. Do clean up the drainage area regularly.  
b. Kindly leave the door open to air for a while after washing.
c. Perform air jet dry function to remove the odors from tub.
Clothing after drying would be warm and might result in detergent smell, kindly take the  clothes out soon after washing.
Do clean your washer tub regularly using tub clean function.
f.  During draining, the draining condition may be not smooth due to the bubble foam from using too much detergent. The drainage process would add burden to the motor that would result in the bad smell.

Why is the washing machine noisy during drying process?

The lint (drying) filter may have come off or blocked. Alternatively, you may use the ‘Silent’ operation.

Why is noisy sound heard from drain pipe during draining process?

Hitachi’s new front loading washers come with drain pump. The drain pump pushes and drains water at the end of washing/rinsing process. When the water is reduced to a certain low level, the noisy sound of rushing water in the drain pipe is heard. This is because the water is under pressure, meaning there is little air mixed with the water to make noise as it travels through the pipe.

Why is my clothes covered with some fuzz or lint balls after washing?
This could be related to the fabric material of the clothing, such as woven or knitted items. In this case, turn the clothes inside out before washing to prevent fabrics from running off.  It is better to separate them from other clothes to minimize the friction during washing, and to use a wash net to protect it. Adding a bit of the softener may be helpful as well. To remove the lint, you can try a lint remover.
Why is the washing machine noisy during spinning process and indicates C4 error code sometimes?
This is because the clothes are not balanced inside the washing tub. When this occurs, please pause the spinning operation, open the lid and do some adjustment on the clothes. Make sure clothes are distributed evenly in the tub and not tilted to one side only. Please also make sure that the machine is installed on a level ground firmly. 
Why is the ‘Tangle-Free’ operation not working?
Please note that Tangle-Free operation will not be available if the program is set on ‘Rinsing’ or ‘Spinning’ mode only. Please also make sure that the washer is not overloaded.
Why does the drying operation take longer than usual & has uneven drying?
Please check if machine is overloaded, and clothes are badly tangled with each other. Thin and thick clothes should be separated for better drying effect.
For the front loading washing machine, after drying, mist appears on the LED panel. Is it normal?
Warm water was used during washing that result in the mist. The mist appears during the drying process which is not a malfunction.