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Washing Machine

What is Advanced DD (Direct Drive) Inverter?
Advanced DD (Direct Drive) Inverter operation enables a further reduction in noise and energy demands.

The use of a 56-pole Neodymium Direct Current Brushes Motor produces high torque power while maintaining a whisper-quiet operation.


How does Nano Micell Shower work?

Nano Micell transforms regular detergent into highly concentrated detergent that penetrates into clothes more quickly and acts more effectively on dirt and stains. A 2-way cyclical pump assists the process by spraying the concentrated nano-size detergent evenly over clothes.


Why does my washing machine only wash but doesn’t perform drying process?
Please ensure that the dryer function is selected. If it still does not work, please call our Gokujou helpline.


Why does the water flowing into the washing machine very slow?
This might be due to blockage in the water inlet valve or low water pressure from the tap.

If there’s no blockage and water pressure is normal, please call our Gokujou helpline.


Why is the motor noisy during the spinning process?
Your washing machine might be faulty. Please call our Gokujou helpline.


How to reduce the coarseness of my clothes?

You may use the ‘soft’ program, add softener and use ‘fuzzy’ program for drying.


Why is the ‘Tangle-Free’ operation not working?
There are several possibilities:
1) Tangle-Free mode is not turned on.
2)  Laundry is overloaded.
Tangle-Free operation will not be available if the program is set on ‘Rinsing’ or ‘Spinning’ mode only.
If it’s not the above, please call our Gokujou helpline.

Why is the washing machine noisy during drying mode?
The lint (drying) filter may have come off or blocked. Alternatively, you may use the ‘Silent’ operation.

Why does the drying operation takes longer than usual & has uneven drying?
The laundry may be overload. Try to reduce the load. Laundry might be entangled. You may want to use the ‘Tangle-Free’ operation.

Last published 18 May 2009