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SBS Inverter

 Committed to the prevention of global warming, the conservation of resources and the preservation of the ecosystem, Hitachi once again redefines ecology with the new Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator model R-M700GPMS. Being the First Inverter Side-by-Side to be awarded with an excellent 4-tick energy efficient rating, it adds onto the brand’s accolades of 4-tick labels of energy efficient Front Jet Freeze refrigerator series.

Being the world leader in cooling and eco-friendly products, Hitachi’s innovative Inverter technology enables an optimum energy saving operation that plays a vital role in compressorreducing environmental impact. The Intelligent Inverter Compressor comes with a 7-step cooling power setting. Its multiple sensors monitor the temperature of each compartment as well as the ambient temperature to optimize cooling power with its 7 settings. Highest energy efficiency, durability and low vibration and noise are achieved with the Hitachi R-M700GPMS to provide you with a comfortable, eco- friendly environment.

Hitachi’s Minus-Zero Cooling panel provides uniform radiation cooling inside the refrigerator to ensure moisture and nutritional values are retained in the food longer. Crushed Ice and clean water is available easily with just one simple touch from the door panel. No plumbing is required with its large 4-litre water tank. Just pour clean water into the tank, and cold water and ice will be automatically made for you. All compartments are brightly lit with Xenon lamps for energy saving efficiency.

The R-M700GPMS is also an elegant beauty, with its Deluxe Mirror Finish. 
The new Hitachi Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Ecologically Redefined.