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Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (Singapore)

For the front loading washing machine, after drying, mist appears on the LED panel. Is it normal?
Why does the drying operation take longer than usual & has uneven drying?
Why is the ‘Tangle-Free’ operation not working?
Why is the washing machine noisy during spinning process and indicates C4 error code sometimes?
Why is my clothes covered with some fuzz or lint balls after washing?
Why is noisy sound heard from drain pipe during draining process?
Why is the washing machine noisy during drying process?
How do I get rid of the bad odor in the washing machine?
Why are there some dark spots /stains on my clothes after washing?
What should I do if the washing machine is locked and cannot open the lid?
Why does water leak on the floor?
Why does the water flow into the washing machine very slowly?
How often do I need to clean the lint filter for my washing machine?
How do I dry the clothes efficiently using the dry function of front load washing machine?
How do I select the correct washing program?
How do I drain the water smoothly?
What is the difference between a front loading and a top loading washing machine?
Are there any helpful tips for machine washing clothes?
I heard some water flowing sound when I manually turn the drum.
Why is there loading of extra water at a higher water level and washing takes a longer time?
Why is there an Ch error code display on the control panel?
Why is there an error code C19 when it is not overloaded?
Why is there an error code Fb on the control panel
Error code F25 displays on my front-load washing machine.
Error codes C8/C9 display on the control panel.
Why are there white stains left on the laundry after wash?
Why doesn't the water drain out and error code C2 appears on my top-load washing machine?
How can I remove the odour smell or black stains in the washing machine?
What is the error code C1?
What is the error code C3?
Error code C06 appears for front-load washing machine with dryer
Why does the remaining time displayed on the control panel increase sometimes?
I am unable to open the door of my front-load washing machine.
What is error code F9 for my top-loading washing machine?
Why doesn't the detergent or softener dispense into the washing tub?
Why is there still some amount of water left in the detergent or softener case after the cycle completes?
What is the "Wind Iron" technology for Hitachi Made-In-Japan front loading washing machine?
What is "Auto Self Clean" feature for Hitachi top or front loading washing machine?